About Us


So glad you have taken the time to read this!

Our director Alix started this company with the intentions to make our learners feel the very best they can feel during their learning journey. She prides herself in helping each individual learner. 

" When I first qualified I didn't have much confidence when it came to all the beauty subjects. When I first got offered a job I wasn't quite ready and my skills weren't up to the standard so I was trained up in house. I do not want that for my learners. I want them to be well and truly 'industry ready' before they go for that very first job. If that means they continuously come back for one to one training then thats what they do. I always offer that full support. For me the reward is seeing them succeed. That is the best feeling in the world!"


So here at Precision HQ we  pride ourselves in helping our learners every single step of the way. Even after their course is completed we make sure we keep in touch and If they still do not feel confident we bring them back and assess them again.

We pride ourselves in looking after our students and customers. If you need anything what so ever we are always here to help!!!And we really mean that! :)

We have added some products into various kits as we like to have our products on site for our students to look at and purchase.We have trialled and tested all of our products to bring you the very best quality and services.


Hope you enjoy our online shop and if you have any questions what so ever please do not hesitate to ask!


Kind Regards

The Precision Team