Returns/Cancellation Policy

All deposits for our courses are none refundable. Full payment needs to be made 5 working days before the course commences.


Please note;

Full payment of course can not be refunded 48 hours before your course. Please contact your tutor and we will do our best to change this date. We do pay tutors for sessions so a tutor session will need to be deducted off this payment before booking the next course you will need to pay £150 extra to cover our self employed tutor wage.


Deposits are I refundable. You will not get a deposit back if booking on a course and cancelling the week before. You will have to pay in full before the course commences  

courses booked that are online/in house need to be completed within  2 months. Assignments need to be completed on time. 

Precision Beauty Group has the rights to refuse anybody for courses. If they cancel 5 days before the course commences/ book on courses Precision has the right to refuse on the course if they don’t feel the particular course suits the I individual who is booked on. We run on a tutor basis. If our tutors don’t feel comfortable teaching an individual then they do not have too. 

All refresher courses are charged. Our tutors are paid daily. It would be the tutor rate on the day of the refresher course. 

Once completed the course our courses are non refundable  

Please email if you require assistance