Eyelash Lifting And Tinting Qualification

Eyelash Lifting And Tinting Qualification

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The perfect treatment that works alongside Precision semi-permanent eyelash extensions in salon. Perfect for clients who do not want false extensions. A long-lasting lift of the lash that lasts for up to six weeks.

This course includes a kit for four treatments (one treatment will be used on your model on the day).


There are options without the kit.

Course covers:

  • Health and safety associated with the eyes
  • Eye anatomy
  • Contraindications and contra-actions
  • Products
  • Consultation
  • Lifting 
  • Tinting
  • Procedures
  • Aftercare 
  • Next steps


 Four-treatment kit includes:

  • Tint
  • Tint develope
  • Tint remover
  •  Microwands
  • Under-eye pads
  •  Shields
  • Lash lift tool

Fully Accredited by EAO Accredition in partnership with Insync insurance 


Course theory can be completed online and course practical can be scheduled once lockdown has been lifted.