Precision Brow Qualification (four qualifications in one)

Precision Brow Qualification (four qualifications in one)

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Our Precision brow course enables you to start your career as a fully qualified brow technician. The Precision brow qualification includes sketching on the brow shape to suit the client’s individual face shape and features, tinting using one of the strongest tints in the industry, waxing using our Precision techniques to create perfect precision lines, threading to perfect the precision line, and trimming the brows so that they sit in the precision line. Make-up application techniques that perfect the final precision brow design will also be discussed.

This course includes;

  • Introduction to Precision brow
  • Health and safety associated with the Precision brow treatment
  • Anatomy of the skin, hair, and muscles
  • Contraindication and contra-actions
  • Treatment hygiene
  • Different face and brow shapes
  • Tinting, waxing, and threading and eyebrow makeup theory
  • Consultation process
  • Precision brow procedure
  • Precision brow aftercare
  • Pricing and product range
  • Next steps

An assessment session of threading will be booked in after the training day.

The course is accredited with BIA and our insurance partners are insync and BGI insurance